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Message and Prayer

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From Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin Bishop of the Eparchy of Adigrat


Through this new web site the Eparchy of Adigrat is thrilled to be entering into a new era of communications. Thanks to the marvels of modern information technology we now have this opportunity of keeping you all up-to-date on any significant events taking place in this Eparchy. The items of information may not attract the T.V., nevertheless, they may be of interest to all, and especially those who are either living in Ethiopia or who are originally from this region.

As part of the universal Catholic Church, the aim of this Eparchy is to continue the mandate that Jesus Christ gave to His disciples when He sent them to proclaim the Good News. Genuine values are an integral part of that Good News: having life to the full (Jo. 10: 10), enjoying the gift of peace (Jo. 14:27), relishing complete joy (Jo. 15: 11), and loving one another (Jo. 13: 34).

Matters of general interest will be included in the use we make of this web site, but it will not just be a general newsletter. In this regard some of you may have suggestions as to how we might improve our service - and they are welcome.

This web site can serve as an admirable link enabling this Eparchy of Adigrat to keep in touch with our partners, collaborators and friends, as well as fostering goodwill among us all. I wish to conclude this introductory presentation, therefore, with a prayer that the blessing Jesus gave to His disciples as He was carried up to heaven may bear fruit in our hearts.

Father, look with love on your people! May the promise of Jesus to send the Holy Spirit on His disciples be also fulfilled in us all. By His power may we be His faithful witnesses to all among whom we live. Amen.

+ Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin
Bishop of the Eparchy of Adigrat.

©Copyright by Catholic Eparchy of Adigrat. All Rights Reserved

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