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Major Funding Partners of ADCS

(in smaller or larger levels)


MISEREOR, Caritas Germany, TAROCAIRE, CAFOD,  SCIAF,  The UK Big Lottery Fund, Caritas Swiss, Caritas Italiana, CRS/USAID, MANOS UNIDAS/AECID, MEDICUS MUNDI, Episcopal Conference of Italy, Caritas Belgium and Belgian Survival Fund, Secours Catholique/Caritas France,  French Ministry and the  Municipality of Paris,  Oxfam America, VIS Ethiopia, Missio Aachen, CNEWA, Foundations (Frester Foundation, Africa Nos Mira, etc),  UN-OCHA,  Salesians  of Don Bosco, Educate Ethiopia charity, some Embassies based in Ethiopia, Caritas Luxemburg, Caritas Spain, Caritas Bergamo, Caritas Antoniana, Associazione Volontariato di S.Martino di Cornuda, Associazione Volontariato “Amici di Ottorino”and other private donors and individuals.

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