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Eparchy of Adigrat

Profile of the Eparchy of Adigrat: Boundaries and Population


Profile of the Eparchy of Adigrat

The actual Eparchy of Adigrat, subject to various modifications of the ecclesiastical boundaries, is the continuation of the Vicariate of Abyssinia after replacing the Prefecture of Tigray, which had been established on 25th March 1937. Following the Apostolic Constitution "Quod Venerabilis" of 20th February 1961 the jurisdiction became the Eparchy of Adigrat and the first Eparch was Abune Hailemariam Kahsay.

At present, the Eparchy of Adigrat covers the whole Regional Sate of Tigray (Note that the western end of Tigray i.e. Humera, Tselemti, Wolkait and Tsegedie is included into Adigrat Diocese by the “Decretum” issued on December 18, 1999), and northeastern parts of Afar Regional State (Zone 2).


Area: Tigray - 80,000 sq km. approx.; Afar (Zone 2) – 52,000 sq km. approx.

  • Total area: 132,000 sq. km approx. (about 4 ½  times the size of Belgium, or 3 times the size of Switzerland, more than 1 ½ the size of Austria)

Population: Tigray 3,797,000 approx.; Afar (Zone 2) 234,645 approx.

  • Total population: 4,031,645


The eparchy has approximately:

  • 20,000 Catholic Faithful

  • 32 parishes

  • 4 outstations

  • 13 male and female formation houses (seminaries)

  • 1 Major Seminary – Institute of Philosophy and Theological Faculty (affiliated to Pontifical Urbaniana University)


Existing religious communities in the diocese are:

  • Society of Missionaries of Africa (1967)

  • Religious Sisters of St. Lucy Filippini (1969)

  • Daughters of Charity (1973)

  • Salesians of Don Bosco (1975)

  • Missionaries of Charity (1984)

  • Ursuline Sisters (1991)

  • Daughters of St. Anna (1994)

  • Salesian Sisters (FMA) of St. John Bosco (1994)

  • Lazarists - Congregation of Mission (2000)

  • Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne-Antide (2003)

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