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Eparchy of Adigrat

Significant Contemporary Events

20th February 1961 - The establishment of the Eparchy of Adigrat: Abune Hailemariam

Kahsay first Eparch.

19th April 1969- Consecration of the cathedral of the Holy Saviour, Adigrat.

11th October 1970- Opening of the newly built Major Seminary, Adigrat.

25th November 1970- Abune Hailemariam Kahsay died.

19th September 1971- Consecration of Abune Sebhat-Leab Worku.

26th October 1975- Canonization of St. Justin de Jacobis, C.M.

12th October 1983- Major Seminary affiliated to the Pontifical "Urbaniana" University, Rome.

11th November 1984- Abune Sebhat-Leab Worku resigned.

10th February 1985 - Consecration of Abune Kidanemariam Teklehaimanot 

28th January 1991- Abune Sebhat-Leab Worku died.

11th November 2001 - Abune Kidanemariam Teklehaimanot resigned.

20th January 2002- Consecration of Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin.

4th December 2004- Inauguration of "Tsinseta Senior Secondary School's" building at its new site, Adigrat.

11th October 2008- Assabol Dam officially Inaugurated.

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